LeBron James praises Jeremy Lin as ‘great talent’

source: James Lee | focustaiwan.tw

American basketball star LeBron James praised Jeremy Lin, the first Taiwanese-American in the National Basketball Association (NBA), as a great talent when meeting with the press in Taipei on Friday.

A day after arriving in Taiwan, James was asked about the 22-year-old Golden State Warrior point guard and said it is exciting to see Lin play in the NBA.

“It’s not only great for himself but also for the kids that look up to him,” the 26-year-old Miami Heat player said of Lin, who also visited Taiwan for a charity event earlier this month.

The seven-time NBA All-Star, who constantly dreamed of playing basketball when he was young, thought Lin was probably like him — “also a kid that had a dream (and) never lost his dream.”

James also said being a star basketball player went behind simply competing and winning games.

“Being able to inspire people, no matter where you are from, is more important.”

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