Gerogetown University Basketball fight with Chinese Team Bayi Shuanglu Rockets

In 2011 the Bayi Rockets were involved in a brawl with the Georgetown Hoyas while the Hoyas were on their China Tour. The second game of the tour versus the Bayi Rockets, was very physical. At the time of the brawl, the Rockets had shot 57 free throws to Georgetown’s 15, which seemed to have fueled the fire. During the brawl, players from both teams engaged in a full fight throwing punches, kicks, and even chairs. As the Hoyas attempted to leave the court, they were bombarded with garbage and debris from fans, even forcing a Georgetown staff member to fall to the floor after being hit in the head. The Rockets were strongly condemned by microbloggers in China, who posted quotes such as: “Aren’t Bayi players soldiers? Why would they beat up a bunch of college students?”, “What a loss of face for the people’s army!”, “The Bayi team sure is lousy at basketball and should try some other sport — like boxing.”

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