Gerald Green Missing Ring Finger

Gerald Green Missing Ring FingerGerald Green had an insane windmill alley-oop the other night but what most people don’t know is that Green is actually missing part of the ring finger on his right hand. To be able to elevate and dunk like he does with part of one of his fingers missing is just unfathomable. Not much information can be found on how he lost part of his finger on his shooting hand, but several forums have this story posted in which, unsurprisingly, he lost it as an 11 year old playing basketball. The validity of the story could be questioned but it certainly proves the determination and perseverance Green had growing up which explains why Gerald Green has improved on certain aspects on his game and why he’s back in the NBA. Here’s the story via

When he was 11, Green was playing in his Houston home, where he had put up a makeshift hoop over a doorway. While wearing his mother’s class ring, he caught the ring on a nail that was holding up the basket.

Gerald Green Missing Ring Finger

“I was trying to see how high I could jump,” he said.

Almost a decade later, Green’s father, Gerald Sr., still cringes when talking about the accident.

“They couldn’t re-attach it,” the elder Green said. “So they had to shave off part of his finger. I had nightmares about it.”

“It was amazing that no one (from the NBA teams) asked me about it,” agent Andrew Vye said. “I brought it up because I didn’t want it to be a surprise to people when he was in Chicago (for pre-daft camp).”

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